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An illustrated short story collection reimagining 36 forgotten Folktales from Flanders:
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The Naughty Witch: Book 1 – Pumpkin
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The Naughty Witch Childrens Book 1 - Pumpkin by Cate Zeederberg - Halloween book for kids

Celebrate spooky season with my first magical, rhyming tale for children. The Naughty Witch: Book 1 – Pumpkin features a little, green witch’s mischievous adventure on Halloween night and a very important lesson learned. This short, kid-friendly picture book makes for a wonderful bedtime story.

Sample Pages:

Discover the next adventure!
The Naughty Witch: Book 2 – Snow
Available on Amazon (Paperback & Kindle editions)

Discover the next chapter of the Naughty Witch! This dreamy, rhyming picture book finds our little, green witch joined by two new friends to play in a whimsical, winter wonderland. Follow along to find out if our witch learns an important lesson about friendship and saying farewell.

Sample Pages: