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✧.* Flemish Folktales Retold *.✧
An illustrated short story collection reimagining 36 forgotten Folktales from Flanders is in the works!
Written by Signe Maene, edited by Kerria Seabrooke, and illustrated by Cate Zeederberg. Learn more…

We’re officially fully funded via Kickstarter!
Thanks to many wonderful creatures, we’re able to resume our work on the book and will begin to craft the exclusive rewards dedicated to all the backers who helped make this project possible ♥

The Naughty Witch: Book 1 – Pumpkin
Available on Amazon (Paperback & Kindle editions)

The Naughty Witch Childrens Book 1 - Pumpkin by Cate Zeederberg - Halloween book for kids

Celebrate spooky season with my first magical, rhyming tale for children. The Naughty Witch: Book 1 – Pumpkin features a little, green witch’s mischievous adventure on Halloween night and a very important lesson learned. This short, kid-friendly picture book makes for a wonderful bedtime story.

Sample Pages:

Discover the next adventure!
The Naughty Witch: Book 2 – Snow
Available on Amazon (Paperback & Kindle editions)

Discover the next chapter of the Naughty Witch! This dreamy, rhyming picture book finds our little, green witch joined by two new friends to play in a whimsical, winter wonderland. Follow along to find out if our witch learns an important lesson about friendship and saying farewell.

Sample Pages: