Hello! Call me Cate. I create art ranging from digital paintings to custom graphite portraiture to watercolor & acrylic paintings.

Note about names: Cat. Cate. Caterena. Cazerin. Catherine. Hecaterine. I go by many names across many spheres, but all of my original art is signed CAZ – Cate A. Zeederberg. Earlier work may be signed CA.

Cazerin Studios (previously Kazerin), is an old nickname given to me by a dear childhood friend who was learning Japanese and misspelled Catherine in romaji. It stuck and evolved into my personal Studio featuring various crafts and practices over 20-some years.

Crafts, past and present: Drawing/Sketching (Graphite), Painting (Watercolor, Acrylic, Digital), Graphic Design (Illustrator/Photoshop), Web Design/Development (CSS, HTML, LAMP stack), Branding/Logo Design, Website Copywriting, Resume Editing, Kitchen Witchery, ACEO (Art Cards), Pyrography.